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“The Memory Palace” is a photography capstone project that seeks to capture the complexity of your memories and the diverse range of emotions they evoke.


In ancient times, philosophers stored information by building memory palaces, imagined structures where memories are stored by associating them with spaces or objects, tying remembrance to reality. At first glance this palace feels tranquil, but memories, although precious, are fragile. They connect you to your past, but can become distorted and intertwined over time as the outside world begins to bleed, tainting the memory’s preservation. Soon what was a tranquil structure can become a place in conflict, distorted and susceptible to change, as the lines between reality and imagination are blurred. Thus our mind is in constant tension between order and disorder as we reflect back on our past.


Through original imagery and digital manipulation, this project creates a visual representation of a memory palace in the halls of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Six original compositions are placed throughout the building each inviting you to reconnect with the delicate memories of your past and the intricate nature of the palace in your mind.


Remember, your memories aren’t always true.

Newhouse 3 - Floor 2
Newhouse 1 - Floor 4
Newhouse 3 - Floor 3
Newhouse 3 - Floor 4
Newhouse 3 - Floor 1
Newhouse 2 - Floor 1
Gallery Map: S.I Newhouse School of Public Communications
Location: Newhouse 3 - Floor 4
Location: Newhouse 3 - Floor 3
Location: Newhouse 3 - Floor 2
Location: Newhouse 3 - Floor 1
Location: Newhouse 2 - Floor 1
Location: Newhouse 1 - Floor 3
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