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Retouching Case Studies

Novak Djokovic US Open

Description: A vertical panorama taken at Djokovic's open practice. 

Process: Stitching images together and removing the crowd allows the image to capture the vastness of the arena, placing focus on Djokovic.

Final Image


Image 1


Image 2


Image 3


Image 4

Nick Kyrgios Wimbledon - Film

Description: A horizontal diptych capturing the moment of Kyrgios reaching his first ever Slam Semi-Final 

Process: Disconnecting court from stands by cropping super landscape allows for the two images to have contrasting representation. The crowd shows the pressures placed on athletes to preform, while Kyrgios isolated in the corner of the second image represents the immense sense of relief. 

Final Image


Image 1


Image 2

Family Dinner - The Memory Palace

Description: A composited image of people sitting around a dinner table within a surreal space 

Process: Developed backplate and image idea before hand, then shot original image knowing the proper angle and lighting. Compositing original image on to backplate using masking and various other technique to ensure realism. 


Final Image


Original Image

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